Students and residents in Morgantown are usually not informed by their landlords that Renters Insurance is available at very little cost to them, usually around $10-15 per month.

There are many things that can go wrong while living in an aparment and your landlord's insurance only covers their property and buildings, not its contents.....or your stuff.



Renters Insurance Protections
-Personal Possessions
-Clothing and Furniture
-Computer Equipment
-Theft of DVDs and Games
-Jewelry and Watches
-Cash and Coins
-Food Spoilage

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Things to Consider First:

Still considered a dependant under your parents? If they own a home ask them to call their current insurance company to see if your belongings are covered under their current homeowners policy.

Do you have Car Insurance? If you have your own car insurance policy you can add Renter's Insurance to the policy and could get a cheaper rate on your car insurance for becoming a 'bundled' customer.

Do you own a dog? Renters Insurance can cover the liablility you have for your dogs behavior. Expenses can add up quick when your beloved pet either destroys valuable items or bites another dog or person.


Personal Property Protection
Renter's Insurance covers your belongings against loss or damage from: Fire, Water Damage, Lightning, Smoke, Vandalism, Wind, etc.

Theft Protection
Renter's Insurance can help protect your personal property against several types of loss due to theft.
-Theft from your Home
-Theft away from your Home

-Stolen or Forged Checks
-Stolen Credit Cards

Liability Protection
Protect yourself from the financial liability related to bodily injury and property damage lawsuits.

Additional Policy Benefits:
-Guest Medical Expenses
-Living Expenses is a service provided by